A little bit about the blog…

Each post has a scripture verse at its heart, one that has encouraged me.  To share it as completely as I am able, an image and poem or story of some kind is included. Each one is ended by sharing the reason it encourages me, what God taught me through it. In them you will find the foundation that God in His mercy and grace has given me, because they are filled with His truth and His promises.

The Bible translation I use most often is the English Standard Version, ESV for short. If a different translation is used I will note it in the blog text.  Regarding the images, my husband Tom and I are both artists and so many of them will be something we created. I will share the title in a caption under the image. When artwork hasn’t yet been created, photos will be featured from our adventures through life. Occasionally I will use stock photography until something original can be created. I will make note of that in the caption.

If you’d like to see Tom’s complete body of work, click the link below.


To God alone be all the glory!

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