My Story

How God brought me back to Him.

I added this page to the site so that I can present certain posts in a specific order. An order that shares the way God brought me back to Him after my decades’ long absence from church. As I seek to follow His will for me and the posts I write, I find myself going forwards and backwards in time. I recall the “ah, ha” moments that He has given me. Through God everything is connected and intertwined. As my trust in Him has grown, He has revealed to me His view of events in my life. These moments of enlightenment are profound as I come to understand that my way of thinking has often been incorrect. This is understandable because I saw things through my child-eyes, not able to see His blessings and teachings in my struggles.

The way He leads you will be different from the way He leads me because we are each unique and precious to Him. My hope is that by sharing some posts in order will allow you to see an ever deepening relationship forming with my Creator.

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To God alone be all the glory!