God has amazing gifts for us through His Son Jesus: Baptism, Holy Spirit and Word

God seeks a relationship with each one of us through Jesus!

Our journey through this life gives us time to see God’s heart, receive His grace and learn His plan for us. Through the posts I write, I share my testimony of His amazing grace. Through the experiences He has given me, I have been encouraged and taught that I can trust Him. He has shown me He has always been with me.

The three posts written most recently are linked in the first section. After that are posts organized around different ways God encourages us through His word. Read what Jesus teaches us. Learn about God’s truth and the comfort He provides. Follow the old testament Prophesies that foretold the coming of Jesus.

I include a special section towards the bottom (Robin’s Beginning) that shares the very first scriptures God used to teach me. This is when I began to understand the worldly circumstances of my life, the very ones that had caused so much heartache and confusion, were not His plan for me. He had something else in mind, something immeasurable better.

The “Posts” page presents everything in order by the date they were written.

Blessings to you as you rejoice in your relationship with God through His Son!







God began His journey with me with these three posts:

Source of the photographs at the top of the page: water photo was taken in Idaho Springs, Colorado, by Robin; the dove and hand are from Adobe Stock. All are filtered in Adobe Photoshop.

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To God alone be all the glory!

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