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God gives us amazing gifts through Jesus, His Son

Our journey through this life gives us the opportunity to see God’s heart and receive His grace and salvation.

We learn God’s plan of redemption for mankind through His written word found in the Bible. In its pages we learn about Jesus, His Son, and what it means to be baptized into His family. We read that Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who helps us understand the Word—and the world—from God’s perspective. We learn how God uses the unique gifts He gives us to share His message of forgiveness with others. He instructs us how to praise and honor Him with our lives. In the pages of the Bible, we receive assurance that our eternal home is with God.

As my relationship with Him has deepened, God has encouraged me through His word. The posts I write pass His encouragement along. It is only in hindsight that His continual presence throughout my life has come into focus. My testimony of His presence, grace and guidance brings joy—along with hope that you recognize His presence in your life, too.

Links to the three most recent posts are in the first section. After that are posts organized around different ways God encourages us. In them you’ll read what Jesus teaches us, learn God’s truth and the comfort He provides, and follow the Prophesies that foretold the coming of Jesus. A section at the bottom (Robin’s Beginning) shares the first scriptures God used to teach me. Through them I began to understand that His plan for my life was different from my plan. His plan is immeasurably better! On the “Posts” page, everything appears in order by date.

Blessings to you as you rejoice in your relationship with God through His Son!







God began His journey with me with these three posts:

Source of the photographs at the top of the page: water photo was taken in Idaho Springs, Colorado, by Robin; the dove and hand are from Adobe Stock. All are filtered in Adobe Photoshop.

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To God alone be all the glory!

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