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How God pursued me and brought me back to Him.

In this section I share God’s journey with me. He brought me from someone who found her identity through the alcoholic family of my childhood, to finding my identity in Jesus. God used the brokenness and trials of my youth to teach me about His mercy and forgiveness, extended to all who receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I’ve come to see five distinct seasons in my journey so far: Baptized & Taught, Loss & Lost, Pursued & Awakened, Welcomed & Transforming, Proclaiming. (Each of these seasons has its own page with the scriptures and encouragement that pertain to it. You can navigate to the pages via the main menu or by clicking the links provided below.) Below is a recap of what you’ll find on the individual pages.

Baptized & Taught

I was baptized into God’s family as an infant. This was followed by teaching me about the Father’s love and His Son Jesus, primarily through Catechism classes and by attending church every week. By the time I was in third grade, I had received my first communion in the Catholic church. Shortly after—for reasons never shared with me—we stopped attending church. I wondered why, but never asked. (Link)

Loss & Lost

No longer hearing God’s word regularly, being part of God’s family faded into the background of my life. When my parents divorced, life became very confusing and I began to look to the world for direction and answers. By my early 20s I had forgotten most of the basics of faith I had been taught, including what my baptism meant. I believed some sins are not forgiven by God and I was on my own to figure things out. (Link)

Pursued & Awakened

This season encompasses my entire life! God was with me always but for many years I chalked up Godly guidance to other things. I was not able to see that it was always Him at work in my life. Eventually, He gave me a moment that couldn’t be explained any other way, a moment of awakening when I knew for certain I was hearing from God. (Link)

Welcomed & Transforming

Welcomed home and again attending church, I found myself surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. My wandering and worldly ways faded as I listened again to God. I’ve come to know that God’s plan of redemption through Jesus is the ultimate GPS. It didn’t matter how far off His path I’d gone, or how many times I went my own way instead of His. Each time He met me where I was and pointed me toward Him. It was always Him and always will be Him at work in my life, transforming me day by day. (Link)


At last I can proclaim that I know my Shepherd’s voice! Proclaiming Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God is the purpose for this blog. This link will take you to the Posts page because every post has been written for this purpose. (Link)

The scriptures that began my journey of transformation through the Word of God, and that have called me to Proclaim His greatness, are these three:

To God alone be all the glory!

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