Poetry sprinkled throughout the site is gathered here.

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“Butterfly Wings”

I love them so I rescue them,
but is this what God intends?
Or is struggling part of learning,
to center our lives on Him?

The butterfly offers us insight,
of the transformation struggle brings,
earth-bound bodies, encased and still
gain beautiful, fluttering wings!

Poem by Robin Lybeck

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“Comfort and Joy”

Baptismal water
washes away all our sins
through the risen Christ.

Come Holy Spirit!
Indwell us now and guide us
through the Word of God!

Haiku by Robin Lybeck

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Fallen in autumn,
separated from their source.
Nature mirrors us.

God offers rebirth.
Become a new creation,
redeemed by My Son!

Wear His righteousness!
Be indwelled by His Spirit!
Know that He is God.

Haiku by Robin Lybeck

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“Higher Ground”

(sequel to “Butterfly Wings”)

I wanted to try my fluttering wings,
fly freely with joy and peace!
Yet I couldn’t seem to loose myself
from a confusing pull toward grief.

Why is this so, was His teaching wasted?
I wondered with dismay.
Why have such wings if I’m still lost,
unable to find my way?

“Wait, my child!” I heard Him say,
my spirit at last aware,
“I have a purpose for your life,
and I will lead you there.”

“Bidding good-bye to former ways
is difficult to do.
You cannot do this on your own,
but I AM here for you.”

“First we’ll seek out higher ground,
so you can begin to see,
the things I have prepared for you,
as you surrender in trust to Me.”

Poem by Robin Lybeck

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“It’s All God’s River”

Cascading, pounding, rushing waters,
overflowing bounds,
uncontained, unexpected,
unwelcome, flooding, drowned.

Parched and thirsty, shrunk,
and stagnant
flowing not at all,
abandoned, lonely, lost
and stranded
“Why, Lord, why?” we call.

Too much, too little
abundance, need,
God is contained in each.
It’s we who are dissatisfied,
perfection out of reach.

God’s river flows in flood, in drought,
He’s found within extremes.
He’s found whenever we reach out,
embrace His Son, our King.

It’s God’s river that carries us always,
through this life and onward still,
connected to His endless love,
through Jesus Christ, it is His will.

We cannot disconnect from Him,
all life is in God’s river!
Mercy, grace, redemption, peace,
from God Himself, the giver.

Read His word, then pray, confess,
fill your mind, your heart, your soul!
He’ll change you as He leads you,
by your side where ’ere you go.

Poem by Robin Lybeck

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“Son Rising”

Planes crashing
Buildings falling
Son rising

Flag raising
Rubble searching
Son rising

Blood donating
Prayer lifting
Son rising

Pain screaming
Loss engulfing
Son rising

Country mourning
Kingdom gathering
Son rising

Jesus living
Jesus dying
Jesus rising

Poem by Robin Lybeck

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“Where’s My Wallet?”

Finding what’s been lost
important beyond measure
the man presses on.

Though not within sight,
he knows that it is close by,
because he lost it

as he hurried by.
Why the rush, he wonders now,
now that it is gone.

What will the cost be,
if steps cannot be retraced,
his lost wallet found?

Haiku by Robin Lybeck

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To God alone be all the glory!