Scripture encouragement: Psalm 46:10


Fallen in autumn,
separated from their source.
Nature mirrors us.

God offers rebirth.
Become a new creation,
redeemed by My Son!

Wear His righteousness!
Be indwelled by His Spirit!
Know that He is God.

©Haiku by Robin Lybeck

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46:10

God’s encouragement…

This Psalm verse has become an anchor for me, one that I can readily bring to mind in any time of trial. The entire Psalm is beautiful and brings great comfort, but this verse stands apart because it literally stops me in my tracks when my mind begins to race or spin out of control. Worldly concerns will sometimes overwhelm my body, spirit and soul. Reminding myself to be still in the presence of God brings an immediate sense of calm. He is the creator and can guide me through every situation. I just have to be willing to turn to Him and listen to His wisdom.

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Image: color pencil drawing by Robin Lybeck: Fallen

To God alone be all the glory!