“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given…”

Isaiah 9:6a

God’s encouragement for us…

FOR TO US A CHILD IS BORN… In this prophesy of Isaiah, we are the “us” that the child is born to. I relate to him because he understands what life on earth is like through the life he lived. The new testament tells us this child grew up in a family, had siblings, and was part of a community. This child was taught a trade by his father. This child grew into a man who had ups and downs and experienced hunger, thirst, sorrow and great loss. This child wept tears as we have wept tears. This child prayed to God as we have prayed to God.

TO US A SON IS GIVEN… This statement turns our thoughts from relating to the child to wondering about the giver of the son. I personally associate a child being “given” with adoption. The parent relinquishes the child to the care of others. In this case, God relinquishes his son to Mary and Joseph to be raised. Why would God do this? As in all cases of adoption, the reason must be big because relinquishing a child to adoption is not a decision made randomly or casually.

God’s reason IS big! This Child born, this Son given, changes eternity for us. He redeems us for God’s kingdom through His perfect life and His perfect obedience to His Father’s will. Only God’s Son could be born “to us” and only His Son could die in our place, paying our sin debt in full on the cross. We don’t deserve the gift of salvation the Father gives us and we cannot earn it by our own efforts. But when we believe that Jesus is His Son and our Savior, we receive it.

Jesus is the reason we have hope! He is the reason we remember Emmanuel—God with Us—each Advent Season.

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Image: taken from the original oil painting “Angel Voices” by Tom Lybeck

To God alone be all the glory!